Virtual Office

A virtual office is an alternative to your own or leased physical office. Virtual Office performs essential business activities for you under a more practical and flexible payment scheme It is ideal to entrepreneurs and professional consultants who plan to work in home office but would still like to maintain privacy and professional image.

Virtual Office

No Monthly Rent, No Monthly Utility Bills

Business address with physical office facilities that are only paid as you need it. No monthly rent, and monthly utility bills to think about.

Work with Maximum Flexibility

Manage your business on the get go or work at the comfort of your home while maintaining Professional Representation. Relax, we'll take care some of the Administrative and Marketing services for you.

Best Value for Money

Flexible payment options ideal for entrepreneurs, startups, and professional consultants.

Best Business Support

Starting up and running a profitable, sustainable business takes your commitment, focus and continued action. Alchemy has all types of business solutions: Serviced office facilities, Business Registration assistance, Marketing and Business Development, Accounting, Website Development, including Media and Communications support.

Virtual Office Slash-it Promo for Women Entrepreneurs

Virtual Office for Women

Win over potential customers with your business mailing address. Create the right impression with a recognizable address in a city center. Do not compromise your security and privacy at home by using your home address as your business address too.

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