Virtual Office: BOSS


This year, Alchemy introduces its new Virtual Office–the BUSINESS AND OFFICE SUPPORT SERVICES, also known as “BOSS”. 

Streamline your operations.  Get your Virtual Office BOSS 2022 with business registration assistance services at an Exclusive Bundle Deal!

virtual office

What's in BOSS?

In “BOSS”, you can put an end to competition, and be indispensable to clients and customers while you enjoy a greatly reduced yearly operating expenses.

“BOSS” is guaranteed to erase your monthly worries on rent, utilities and manpower expenses.

The assurance that your office continues to operate minus the usual operating cost, is certainly a wise investment.

Virtual Office Alchemy BOSS Worry-Free Workday

There’s more. You can get your monthly tax filing, bookkeeping, and accounting needs covered at a minimal monthly subscription fee.

Accounting Services

Looking for a coach, a mentor or help from specialists with expertise in business registration, real estate, corporate good governance, business development,  finance, accounting / tax compliance, digitization, marketing and communications such as online content and product information development?  

Speak to our consultants.

Alchemy+ Consultancy

Don’t do it alone.  

Be surrounded by a team that can assist you in realising your dreams, and pay only as you need the available business solutions we have. 

Flexibility, resilience, relevancy, and strategic partnerships is the name of the game.

Request for Cost Estimate

If your business or office is in need of a boost today, don’t fail to claim this crazy offer–Virtual Office BOSS 2022 Exclusive Deal.   

Hurry! Sign up below to request for Cost Estimate and be part of our LIMITED Priority listing today. 

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