March 5, 2018

Meeting Rooms for Students


meeting rooms

Students may avail of the special rate for every booking.  Just present a valid or current Student ID upon booking at Alchemy Business Center.

Where can you study, hold meetings, or do group study? Restaurants, coffee shops, or fast food chains are certainly not very good alternatives. These places are always packed and definitely not conducive for study or meetings. They won’t do. Not during finals or meeting your deadlines. 

Visit Alchemy at Katipunan Ave

It’s the best place that spells P-R-O-D-U-C-T-I-V-I-T-Y!

Alchemy was designed with students in mind. You will be focused and certainly productive in here. No overheard conversations here! 

  • Incredibly Tasty Coffee; Tea and Water
  • 43” SMART TV (uses HDMI/USB); Projector (VGA/HDMI)
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi
  • Power plugs
  • White Boards
  • Table and comfortable chairs
  • Front Desk Representative from Alchemy
  • Clean Vanity Area and Rest Room
  • Access to office tools and equipment (copy, print, scan, fax, etc)
  • Air-conditioned premises
  • Security Guards on duty (24/7), equipped with surveillance camera and magnetic entrance door lock
  • Parking Space at basement (with minimal fee)
  • Very accessible fire alarm and fire exit

Students get special rates! They just need to present student ID upon booking meeting rooms.

Yes, you heard it right. We understand that sometimes caffeine is what keeps us running. No worries, your tasty coffee is on us!

Studying certainly makes one hungry. No need to worry, a few steps from Alchemy’s doorway is an eating place that is open till late. And yes, they do serve rice.

Panini sandwich and scrumptious salad are also available in Alchemy upon advance request.

There is a big chance that the nearby coffee shops are filled with students poring over text books and laptops.  Coffee shops seem to be a logical choice for students looking for places to hold meetings or do group studies. Meetings in such places do not translate to optimized productivity.  Here’s Why:

You might be seated next to a group of giggling girls or rowdy neighbors who can’t keep their volume down. You can’t really complain since coffee shops aren’t libraries.

You can’t be people-watching or wasting your time away on Facebook or Twitter when you obviously went there to get things done!

Remember the phrase “over-priced coffee”? Yeah, well that, plus the limited power outlets and No Free WiFi!

If you’re the type who spreads all books and notes all over the desk, space might be an issue.  Oh and because coffee shop tables are usually just small, the place can get pretty crowded.  Imagine you, eyeballing with strangers seated beside you, or across you, as you share table–it’s too distracting!

Piped-in music might work for some but for others, it can be very distracting. So better bring your noise-cancelling headphones.

So, let’s all troop to Alchemy and get started on one of your many Great Work.

Meeting Room A
1-4 pax

Play Video

Meeting Room B
5-10 pax

Meeting Room C
11-15 pax

Meeting Room D
16-20 pax

Free 2 Large Pizzas

Get 2 FREE Pizzas when you book 5 hours of Meeting Room good for 15+ pax

Need other options?
Request for estimate below.

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