Do you have a small home-based business or a start-up?

Are you a Freelancer or Consultant?

Perhaps a professional (lawyer, sales person, etc)?

Are you looking to expand your company presence?

Virtual Office Philippines

The very common need is to build up a professional presence.

Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur, a start-up, an entrepreneur with an idea, a business person, a professional, a consultant, an organization wanting to increase your geographical presence without the burden of additional overhead costs — make your first impression count.

When you are trying to impress clients, when you are working on injecting credibility and a “big” business feel to your business, a business address in the right place, can make all the difference.

What is Virtual Office?

A virtual office is an alternative to your own or leased physical office. Virtual Office performs essential business activities for you under a more practical and flexible payment scheme. It is ideal to entrepreneurs and professional consultants who plan to work in a home office but would still like to maintain a professional image.

Virtual Office provides an office address for communication and correspondence, a staff to handle some work duties while you are not physically present in the work place, such as handling calls, message taking, and other office activities with a low-risk month to month contract / subscription.

Business Address With No Long-Term Commitments
Keep Your Business Professionalism High
No Commute Expenses
No Need To Own A Place
No Need To Pay Office Utilities
Work at the Comfort of Your Home
Manage Your Business On The Get Go
Save Time On Setting Up A Physical Office
Increase Your Geographical Business Presence

Why Choose Alchemy VIRTUAL OFFICE

  • Trim expenses. Virtual office services help reduce overhead costs while keeping professionalism high.
  • Alchemy virtual office services eliminate the traditional burden of payroll, fluctuating utility bills & rent.
  •  A virtual office can allow low operations cost, and gradual expansion with no long-term commitments.
  • Also, traditional time-off (sick days, vacations, personal leaves, etc.) does not apply to a virtual staff. We make you invest your resources in other aspects of your business while you do not worry of your professional representation.

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