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We are a group of professionals, from diverse fields of expertise, all working together to exemplify our values of Honor and Excellence.

Alchemy Consulting is a possibility that we created for ourselves–We committed and created a Business Solutions outfit.

All with the end objective of providing services and assistance to businesses, primarily SMEs and Entrepreneurs of all kinds: planning-to-be-an entrepreneur, start up entrepreneur, budding entrepreneur & successful and experienced entrepreneur.



Collaborating with our clients, we create possibilities. We create solutions for the businesses and companies they represent.


Consultancy service:

We have one key objective – to work with businesses and small to medium sized organizations that may or may not have an internal marketing function/group, who need help with how their business, their brand, their products and services are presented to their customers and consumers.

Backed with solid global marketing expertise, we create customized solutions for our clients/partners.

  • We are about working with our clients, helping them in the areas of marketing that they may not be able to do. We are about adding value to the Marketing process rather than simply doing what we are asked to do.
  • We operate on a system that allows clients to work with us as much or as little as they want or need.
  • We can give you consultancy advise or we can work with you or we can do it all for you.
  • We create Big Ideas to grow small businesses or create well thought out plans to move your business to the next level.
  • We Create Possibilities, and Turn these Possibilities into Reality for Your Business.
  • We also do consultancy work for IT and online marketing.


Trainings & Professional Learning:

The transformation of an enterprise from good to great, begins with the transformation of its people.

People can “transform” by a creative act of bringing forth new ways of being, rather than trying to change themselves in comparison to the past.

It is this belief that drives us to develop training programs and fruitful learning sessions in the areas of marketing, management, finance, IT, on-line marketing and more. We call these trainings and professional learning sessions collectively as B.E.S.T – Building Excellence through Sustained Transformation.

Our public seminars can be customized and brought to your office for your training needs. We can also develop new programs after a training needs assessment with you and the trainer.

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